Why Bach?

A lot of pianists will disagree on a range of topics, but they almost always agree that learning Bach is a really great idea.  In this post, I will give my thoughts on why it is never a bad idea to learn as much Bach as possible.

It’s Beautiful Music

The most obvious reason to learn a piece of music is because it is beautiful.  Some people consider the baroque era more on the boring side, but I certainly don’t agree.  Furthermore, Bach produced a wide range of pieces that touch on every possible emotion and theme you could think of.  Some of his music is the most tender little pieces of music you’ve ever heard.  Other pieces are very grand and have a lot of bravado.  Either way, the quality of the music is really high.

Technical Benefits

Bach’s music is constructed to provide equal benefit to your left and right hand.  If you are playing a two-part invention, for example, you will play the melody in both hands several times.  This is opposed to a lot of romantic music where the left hand is usually just there for accompaniment.  If you are playing a fugue or a similar type of piece, you will develop extremely good finger independence as well.  This is because you oftentimes are playing a melody on one part of your hand and playing an accompanying voice in the other part of your hand.  Multi-voice music is a really great way to develop finger independence and piano technique in general.

Musical Benefits

Learning Bach is a really great way to understand music.  His music is truly the basis for a large portion of all Western music that came after him.  By going through his inventions, you will learn techniques of how to get the most out of melodic material.  You will get a lot of insight into counterpoint and into how to compose in general.  The benefits of learning his music goes way beyond just the technical benefits.  I highly suggest learning as much Bach as you possibly can.  You will certainly not regret it.  A lot of his pieces are short, so you can potentially learn a large number of pieces if you are ambitious at all.

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