Should You Get a Teacher?

If you are thinking about learning the piano, I would highly suggest getting a teacher.  This article will go through the various reasons why getting a teacher is the best way to go, even if the lessons for a teacher are relatively costly.

Learn Music Theory in Context

You can learn music theory on your own quite effectively, but teachers can help you learn in the context of the pieces you are playing.  In many ways, there is no better training than this.

Much Better Interpretations

Teachers have extensive experience with so many piano pieces.  They have studied how certain composers should be performed and in general have the knowledge and experience to help you make the best interpretations when playing your pieces.  They can help you maximize the effect of performing your pieces.  If you ever wish to play in front of other people, getting a teacher is a really good idea.

Prevent Bad Habits

It is very easy to develop bad habits when playing the piano.  The natural posture you take when sitting at the instrument is probably wrong and the natural way you try to play scales, arpeggios, and chords is probably wrong as well.  Without a teacher, you will naturally develop very bad habits at the instrument unless you are lucky.  Put yourself on the right footing from the start and get a teacher who can help you avoid developing these bad habits.

Learn How to Practice Better

As most teachers are very accomplished pianists and have lots of experience teaching students of all abilities, they have really good insight into how to practice efficiently.  They can judge based on your abilities and learning style how you should approach certain pieces and you should practice in general.  This insight is extremely valuable and something that you just cannot receive without having a teacher.  You can learn to practice efficiently by doing lots of reading, but having the personal attention of a teacher can make you much more efficient and effective when practicing.

Prevent Injuries

If you ever try to learn a piece that is relatively difficult and perhaps has some fast passages, you may be at risk for injury if you aren’t using the right techniques and practice methods.  You will never know if you are using the right methods if you are just learning by yourself.  It is dangerous to learn difficult pieces if you don’t have the proper training and you aren’t using a teacher.  You can really hurt your wrists, shoulders, and/or back if you don’t have a good teacher watching your technique.

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